A little Party

Saturday evening we were invited to a little party (as announced). One of my fellow student was hosting it, and so we decided of course to go, to have our first „late night experience“ here in Beijing. Although we had some problems getting there, it turned out to be a really good idea and party.

It was a very nice and modern apartement with a amazing view into Beijing, huge windows and no building directly in front (11th floor 😉 ), I could’n get enough of looking out, at all the lights and skyscrapers, even though it surely was just a little part of huge Beijing.

At the party, we met, of course, my classmate, who was the host, and also some other classmates of me, so we had some very nice conversations. Tine also met some students she already knew, and so nobody sat disappointed in a corner. We also talked to „new friends“ (I had a very nice conversation with an American guy about Basketball and the Chicago Bulls & Michael Jordon :massa: ), we drank a little bit, ate some snacks, and had a really good time.

Ps. Some photos are attached, they are not good as in the „normal“ way, but how they are right now, you can see the nice lighting in the apartment, and also nobody can complain about beeing here on the page, because you can hardly identify them (The German „Recht am eigenen Bild“ ).

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